Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Win a #Free #book. Valentine's Day Contest.

Want to win a copy of Calico, Elsa or Reflections? Just read the blog and answer the writing prompt in the comments below to be automatically entered in the drawing. Winners will be announced on Valentine's Day. 

Reflections: Poems and Essays was a very personal writing experience for me. It includes historical essays but also poems that came from deep within my heart. 

Today's prompt: What's the most romantic experience you have ever had?

The waters of time never lie. Wisdom drifts down through the ages for all who dare to listen. History teaches us through honesty. Are you bold enough to hear the truth? Reflections: Poems and Essays wraps you in the untold stories of the past. Sit next to the waters of time and listen to the wisdom of the past. What if John Wilkes Booth hadn't been killed at Garret's barn? Who are the Shawnee? Why did the Cherokee accuse Sequoyah of witchcraft? These stories and more await you within this inspiring book.


  1. I believe my "most" romantic experience is yet to come because these types of things are ongoing. In trying to choose a favorite romantic experience to date, I believe it was the birthday when my first child was just about four months old. My husband came home and told me to put on something nice. He informed me that we would be going out and he had arranged for a close responsible friend to babysit (she was an excellent choice). Not too long after getting ready, a limo arrived and my husband was holding flowers for me. He took me to a fancy restaurant in a high rise that overlooked the city. When we finished dining, the limo took us to a swing dancing venue where we enjoyed the music and atmosphere. The whole night it felt like the city belonged to us as we shared laughs and bonded even more as a couple. It was a great night on the town for a new mother who needed to have a break and feel appreciated even though I did not really realize I needed it at the time.

  2. I'd have to say the most romantic experience I ever had was on my honeymoon. We went to Disney World. On the last day of our trip we had reservations for a Winnie the Pooh character breakfast at the Crystal Palace. We arrived and gave them our name. The hostess took us to our table and it was covered in confetti. There was a signed photo of Pooh and his friends there for us, a large stuffed Pooh for my daughter, and a really nice picture frame with Mickey and Minnie on it. This was a gift from the staff there when they found out it was our honeymoon!

    1. Nice. I love bears. Winnie the Pooh is the best.