Sunday, March 30, 2014

Author Spotlight: Mythical Beasts and Lost Cities #fantasy #DavidVPyle #scifi
Welcome back to the Author Spotlight. My guest today is David V. Pyle. David is the author of The Lost Cities (The Age of Beasts:1). His book is a YA Mytical Science Fiction book published by Mountain Springs House on March 28, 2014.

Hi David.  Can you tell us about your book?
In a world where beasts rule and humans serve, a rare free human named Kyra Lynne finds herself sought by the beasts for the knowledge she has about the legendary forbidden weapons – highly destructive instruments from ages past. She soon finds herself enslaved to a bovine prince named Meateus Khan who seeks honor for his race. A scheming Onk merchant sets them off on a quest to the legendary lost cities in the mountains in search of the lost weapons, joined by members of two other beast clans the canine and feline Panthera – who would see the weapons destroyed.

What inspired you to write The Lost Cities?
The inspiration came from an early 1980's comic called the Justice League of America, where they were battling a group called the ani-men. My mind started tumbling over what-ifs and I handed in my first version of the story for a 1984 college creative writing class.

How did writing The Lost Cities change you?
It gave me a desire to be a more accomplished writer like King or Spielberg.

Who is David V. Pyle?

Though David V. Pyle has held many jobs over the years, being a fiction writer has always been his
main interest even though he may not have always pursued it well enough. Originally from Princeton, IN, where he graduated High School and took writing related courses, he went on to attend Vincennes University in Vincennes, IN, and obtained a degree in journalism. After working a few years as a journalist and freelance nonfiction writer, he pursed other careers. Late in the 90’s his interest in writing fiction resurged with stronger and better ideas, he has taken courses through Full Sail University to help him hone my skills as a creative writer. Now his plans are to focus more on writing fiction in addition to his day job and build it as a career in as many ways as he can: books, short stories, scripts, comicbooks.

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