Sunday, March 23, 2014

#Author Spotlight: Unspoken #Dreams Comes True
Welcome back to the Author Spotlight. Today I have Alisha Guenzel on my blog. Alisha is a new
author and her book, Unspoken Dreams, was released a few days ago via Mountain Springs House. Unspoken Dreams reached under 47,251 on the Amazon Bestseller List only a few hours after being released and has continued to climb up the list ever since.

Hi Alisha.  Can you tell us about your book?
Samantha had always had big dreams of becoming a journalist for The New York Times. So the day of her college graduation she felt like she was on top of the world. She was going to get her dream job, she was with the love of her life Jonathan Carson, and life couldn’t get better. But when she took a pregnancy test that tested positive her whole world changed. It wasn’t till eight years later when she went home for her niece’s birth that she realized she still had Unspoken Dreams.

What inspired you to write Unspoken Dreams?
When the idea of Unspoken Dreams entered my head it was a love story, a love that although life got in the way was still strong after so many years. But what inspired me to create Unspoken Dreams what it is today was the parents of special needs kids. Although Unspoken Dreams is fictional some of my experiences with my own son are written in there. Life can be hard raising a special needs child but its also rewarding. I want to give parents hope that things aren’t so bad. That even with their child’s “Added Characteristics” their dreams can come true.  To give hope. The books that got me through my dark moments with my son were the books that said “It’s going to be alright.” I wanted to do the same with Unspoken Dreams.

How did writing Unspoken Dreams change you?
It made me grow as a writer. It made me learn that the first draft of a story is never the last. Unspoken Dreams went through many revisions to get it where it is today. As I changed so did my characters. The life that came to them through writing their story was amazing and it taught me a lot about your first idea may just be the seed of a great book.

Who is Alisha Guenzel?
Alisha Guenzel, is a new author. Unspoken Dreams is her first book to be published. Besides writing her family is her passion. She lives on her five acre horse ranch with her husband and five children. When she’s not writing or blogging she is spending time with her family or her horse Peanut. Unspoken Dreams is just the beginning, since writing Unspoken Dreams she is working on a Cowboy series that has to do with a family of three son’s and how they find their true love’s, it’s called “The McGregor Saga”

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