Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Be the #Dreamer: #Dreams Do Come True #Writing #Author #Art

The Dreamer

I am a day late posting this because I was participating in the Spring Fling Blog Hop. I will announce the winners of the giveaway on the next post. Express Yourself is a weekly blog hop where bloggers throughout the world answer the same question on their blog from the weekly express yourself graphic shown below. Any blogger can participate. Just go the Express Yourself badge on the left side of my blog, press and read the instructions on that site. 

This week I was asked, "What saying or catchphrase do you say ALL the time?" That is a great question. I am very well known for inspiring others to dream and give all that they have to reach their dreams. I don't want anyone to live a life where they regretted not achieving their dreams. I believe God has given everyone a calling in life and it is usually something that you are passionate about. He equips us with the talents and abilities we need in order to achieve the dreams he has placed inside our hearts. When we do not achieve them we are miserable because we are not doing what we were made to do. I would never steal anyone's dreams or stomp on them. To do so would be cruel and uncalled for. 

Sometimes, as an artist, we will stomp on our own dreams because we think if we are given the opportunity to do something we must be stealing an opportunity from someone else. What we don't realize is that God has infinite resources. He is not going to take from someone and give to another. He is the source of all creativity and his resources are more bountiful than we can imagine. So if he has give us an opportunity or a resource and we reject it we are only hurting ourselves and not helping anyone else. Who knows what your book, movie, or any other form of art will inspire someone else with or teach someone a lesson?

Artists are very sensitive creatures and another way we stomp on our own dreams is by believing we are not worthy enough to have them. There's this little voice in our head that came from any number of negative experiences or people in our lives. That little voice tells us we're not good enough. We don't have enough money. We'll never make in our chosen fields. Etc. The best artist is able to ignore that voice and move forward towards their dreams. It's hard to do that sometimes but what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. BE STRONG, MY CREATIVE FRIEND. 

So what is my catchphrase?

Well I actually have two. 

I was teaching Vacation Bible School at Crestwood Baptist Church in Crestwood, Kentucky and came across my personal reminder. At the end of the week the VBS director handed out a picture frame she had decorated to all the teachers. She had written the following phrase "Stand Strong." I keep that in my living room to remind me that whatever I am going through I need to stand strong. 

My second catchphrase is something I am known for. I write it in all of my books whenever I am doing a book signing and it has been known to pop up on my social media a time or two. I tell it to all new authors and to my fans. 

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