Friday, March 28, 2014

#Blessings: My forgotten #literary #treasure revisted

Did you ever have a writing project that you wanted to write so bad but then something happens and you had to abandon it? I have a few of those projects. I have held onto an idea for a sci-fi book that is loosely based off of a Star Trek: TNG fan fiction story I wrote in Middle School. I rewrote the story into a screenplay when I was in High School then shoved it away. I had wanted to send it to Start Trek:TNG but never did. The story popped up again while I was in graduate school and we were studying graphic novels. I changed the characters, removed the Star Trek stuff, created my own world and renamed the series, Mystique. Little did I realize that I had been building that world for years every time I wrote the fan fiction. After graduate school I had a producer who was interested in using my story for a webseries. He created a banner for it but never green lighted the idea due to budget constraints. Without an illustrator nor a producer to help me I once again shoved my story idea to the back burner.

This week I was blessed to meet a wonderful artist in the UK named Carol Ann. She had created some art work for one of the MSH authors. I told Carol Ann about Mystique and she wanted to create the images for it. This is the first drawing she did of Ziva Benjamin.

Ziva is the protagonist of Mystique. She's Bene Isreali originally from New Orleans, Lousiana but after the Second American Revolution ended in 2045 her nationality is not USA but United Eastern Alliance because she lives and works in New York City. She's the mother of K'Lara (age: 14) and Hope (age: 7) Williams. Ziva has an off and on again relationship with the father of her children, K'Shawn Williams that is interrupted when she and her daughters are transported to 2070 in a car accident. A deadly warrior trained in the martial arts with a dark past and no family to help her raise her children, Ziva not only struggles with her own personal demons but with the new life she is forced to live as a member of the Mystique.

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