Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#IndieLife: The #Author Platform

Writing. It's a great career to have. There are so many different ways you can express your creativity through the written word. Novels, short stories, blogs, articles, websites, just to name a few. What I find the hardest in my writing career is the marketing. Let's just be honest here. I would rather write all day than have to deal with the marketing or technical things that a writer must do in order to have a writing career. But if I want to keep my writing career I must do both.

So you still want a writing career and think you can handle the marketing? 

Most new writers get caught up in this thinking...."I wrote a book. It's great. It's on the market. Now I'm going to be rich. Everyone is going to buy it and I can retire from my daily life."

I hate to burst your bubble but writing a book and having it out on the market is not a great way to get rich quick. If that's the reason behind you wanting to write a book then please stop writing. Writing a book takes a lot of work and dedication. There are thousands upon thousands of books in the market today that your book is going to have to compete with. Writers who are depending on retiring on the sales of their one book are only going to cause anxiety in their life. You don't need that. What you need to do is build a platform. 

A whatform?

A platform. 

An author's platform is not going to happen overnight either. It's a foundation an author builds with works they have written. Your readers want to know if they take the risk of buying your book and love it then they can get more books that are written by you. This means YOU NEED TO KEEP WRITING! I have been writing professionally for six years and if you google my name I am all over the place. That is because I worked on my writing platform. I have have a blog, website, and am writing on several social networks. I'm an iReport reporter for CNN. I've written guest posts on various blogs. I have written magazine articles, participated in short story contests and two anthologies. If you go to my Amazon page it will show that I have eight books out. These are my novels, shorts and anthologies I have participated in. The more I write the larger my platform grows. The larger my platform grows the more my name is exposed to readers. The more my name is exposed to reader the more my sales increase. 

It's a gradual process that could thrust my name into greatness like Stephanie Meyers. Did you know that Twilight wasn't her first book? No one had ever heard of her until Twilight had gone wild on the internet. Stephanie used her author platform and social media to market her books while she continued to write. You should too. 


  1. Great write-up! I'm happy i read this masterpiece!!!

  2. Such a interesting point and not one just for writing a book but for those of us who blog or who sell items for a living.We all need to be seen and to do this we must market ourselves everywhere.