Friday, April 4, 2014

Small #Blessings from #Women with Big #Hearts #Geneaology #Family Treasures

This week my blessings cam from the mail. My husband and I moved to Indianapolis last August, leaving behind our Amish friends in Kentucky. We had been unable to tell them about our move and I feared we would lose contact with them. A few months ago, I asked a mutual friend of ours if she had been out to see them. She told me that family had moved into their new farm and that she had been unable to get our there. She didn't know their address. I was heartbroken. Then I realized that another friend of ours works for the US Postal Service and was friends with the family as well. I contacted Dee and asked her if she knew their new address. She said she didn't but her best friend was the mail carrier for the wife's brother. We are all friends with that family too. She said she would get that address and messaged it to me. The following week she gave me Neil and Maggie's address so I could write to them. I knew Maggie wouldn't be able to write me back because she has four children from the ages of eight to a year. Maggie loves to read letters but rarely writes back. But I knew she would read our letter and pass the information along in the community because we had been friends with the entire community. I asked her in the letter to pass our letter to Nathan and Caroline. She did.

On Thursday, I received a letter from Nathan and Caroline. They were overjoyed at receiving our letter and asked us to stay in touch. I read the letter to my husband and wrote back to the family. I am so glad we can continue to communicate with them. Caroline loves to write letters. She has ten children ages 20 to a year old but that doesn't stop her from writing letters. What a blessings to stay in communication with such dear friends of ours.

My other blessings in the mail arrived the same day. My cousin Jill and I reconnected last year. She is the eldest daughter of my father's brother. I don't know much about my father's family and was sheltered from them for most of my life. My dad died when I was nine years old and I remember very little about his life. I knew bits and pieces, though. I've been searching to learn more about my German side of the family and reconnected with my brother a few years ago. I am the youngest grandchild of August and Johanna Bruning. My dad was 50 when I was born and he already had a son 20 years earlier. My cousins, Jill, Janice and Jeanne are around my brother's age.

Well I received a text from Jill this week and we talked for a bit. She told me she to watch for a package in the mail. She had a few pictures for me. What she sent me melted my heart.

This is a photo of dad and I. 

This is an image of my dad in his diving suit in 1963. 
He was a sponge diver at Tarpon Springs, Florida and served as a Salvage Diver in World War II. 

She also sent me a picture of my brother when he was little and a photo of me when I was in pre-school. I had seen those photos before. I loved that she had the the pic of dad and I framed. I showed it to my husband and then placed it on a shelf.