Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrate the Small Stuff: May Brings Welcomed Changes. #Aspergers #Autism #IamWriting

Happy Friday! This week has been a busy one for my family. We are moving tomorrow to the westside of Indianapolis. I've been packing and working. It's been a hectic couple of weeks as we've been preparing for the move. I started the month with the intention to finish the April AtoZChallenge and Camp NaNoWriMo but we never thought we would be moving so soon. My husband and I are moving to a larger apartment because our business is expanding and we needed to be closer to the downtown area.

My blessing this week is our move. I'm so excited to move to our new location because I will finally have an office where I can work. I've been needing an office for so long.

Starting next week my blog will return to it's normal posting schedule.
Sat/Sun - Author Spotlight
Tues- Express Yourself 
          History and Culture of Ireland
Weds - 1st Wed - Insecure Writer's Post
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Thurs - WWI and Marion, Ohio
Fri- Celebrate the Small Stuff

My other small blessing this week is my book trailer for Elsa. I had been struggling with creating a book trailer for all my books for so long. All of my books will be on sale at different times for the next three months. The first to go on sale is Elsa. Elsa is about a woman in 1909 Marion, Ohio that falls in love with a man who has Aspergers Syndrome. Many people, including members of both their families, don't want them together because they don't understand Franklin. Aspergers wouldn't be discovered until the 1940's. Here is the video I made for the book. Enjoy!


  1. The book "Elsa" and the video reveals an interesting story, and could be very helpful in learning about Aspergers Syndrome which could open doors in helping to understand people with this condition and other situations better.

    1. Thank you. That was one of the main reasons I wrote the book.