Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#ExpressYourself: The Character that Reflects Me the Most #IamWriting #NativeAmerican

Welcome back to my blog! Today I am asked to pick one fictional character who I think reflects my personality. Of all the characters I have ever penned I would have to say the one that reflects me the most is Calico.

Calico is the main character in my Children of the Shawnee series. The first book of the series, Calico, was the first book I ever wrote. I'm currently working on the screenplay for it.

Calico is a young woman raised in a culture that isn't her own. Orphaned at the age of eight, she is raised by her French uncle and Shawnee wife. Her twin sister, Rose,  choses to leave the village and is raised in the French courts. Calico has abandonment issues because she was so close to her father and she never got to say goodbye to him before he died. She's naive, headstrong and compassionate. She can become so headstrong that once she makes a decision there is almost nothing that will deter her from maintaining her viewpoint, no matter how wrong it may be. Calico loves and lives hard, though. She's a great leader who loves her people, dearly.

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  1. Many writers put themselves into their characters. :)