Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#ExpressYourself: #Family Research Leads to #Bestselling #Historical Fiction Novel

I'm so grateful to see the return of the Express Yourself Blog Hop.  The Express Yourself Blog Hop had taken last month off but is now back in full swing. 

This week I was asked to choose one of my favorite books. I decided to think about all the books I had written and chose one from there. I chose Elsa. 

Elsa (The Secret Heritage Series: Book 1) is very near and dear to my heart because it's based on my great grandmother's life, Elva Beatrice (Russell) Messenger. My grandfather knew very little about his grandmother Elva Messenger because his mother had died in a kerosene fire when he was a toddler. He had been raised by his father. In fact, we had never heard of Elva Messenger until I was came across her in my genealogical research years after my grandfather had passed. The more I researched into her life the more I wanted to write about it. Grandma Elva was an amazing woman.

I was reunited with my uncle and aunt while I was writing Elsa. My Grandpa Freeland (Franklin) never had Aspergers, that I know of. My Uncle Jeff, the son of my grandfather, has Aspergers. He's been married to my aunt for over thirty years. The relationship between Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kate is so inspiring I wanted to share it with the world. Most of what people hear about Aspergers is about children not adults. I wanted my readers to see the world through the eyes of an adult with Aspergers Syndrome.

The Secret Heritage series will trace the life of Elsa and how Franklin's Aspergers Syndrome affects her and their children's lives. NOTE: Aspergers Syndrome was not discovered until the 1940's. The series begins in 1909 and will end in 1943.

The Express Yourself Blog Hop asks me to turn to page 89 and then share the 8th and 9the sentences. Here it goes.

Elsa speaking to Juliette (Franklin's mother)
 "Deborah and I have been close since my birth."

"I'm surprised to hear that."

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