Friday, May 23, 2014

Finally! A Virtual Assistant!

Happy Friday. This week I have been blessed once again by my manager, Craig Michael Lewis. Craig introduced me to my virtual assistant, Shantae Gonzalez. Shantae owns Virtual Care Assistance. She provides virtual and personal assistance to artists and companies. 

Shantae is a wonderful person whom I look forward to having on my team. She will be working closely with myself, my manager and my blog tour coordinator with my writing career. Shantae will be helping me with checking my emails, social media marketing, maintaining my blog, calendar management, taking business phone calls for me and anything else that might arise in my writing career. Now that I have an assistant I can free up more time in my schedule to work on my writing projects.

One small blessing can turn into larger opportunities for this writer. 


  1. Blog-hopping from Celebrate the Small Things...Hoping that this new found freedom turns into great things for you!

  2. Contract a devoted official secretary for only a small amount of what an in-house full-time secretary would cost! Giving a definitive Virtual Secretary specialist around the world.