Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inspirational Marion, Ohio: #Faith, #Love, and #Grace in Central Ohio

Inspirational Marion, Ohio

Marion, Ohio. Most people from Ohio and the surrounding states have heard of my hometown. My family roots lie deep in this central Ohio city. If you have read my book, Elsa, then you are probably somewhat familiar with the city. Elsa, is loosely based on my the life of my great grandmother, Elva Beatrice (Russell) Messenger. It's a powerful book that takes you into the life of a woman who has given her heart to a man with Aspergers Syndrome in a time before the world knew what Aspergers was. 

I am currently writing another historical fiction book that takes place in Marion, Ohio. Like Elsa, Field of Grace is loosely based on a true story that happened in my family. Field of Grace is the story of a young Appalachian Irish woman who must save her family from a local farmer who poisons her entire family. It's a fast paced, action adventure, historical fiction story that was inspired by a short story I had written for a Flash Fiction Contest. My story took third place. I later turned the short story into a screenplay for my graduate project at Full Sail University. Now I'm converting the screenplay into a the novel. 

Field of Grace takes place in 1919. World War I has just drawn to a close and the war has changed everything. I will be presenting topics ever Thursday about Marion, Ohio, WWI, Salvation Army, Farming, and the culture of the time. I look forward to seeing you again next week.