Thursday, June 19, 2014

#Appalachian Heritage: #Family Stories Brought to Life

This week on my blog we are focusing on families. Like Elsa, Field of Grace (my current WIP) is based on actual events that happened to my family. The main character in my novel is based off my great grandmother Stella Virginia McCardle. Grandma Stella's family had come to Ohio from the hills of West Virginia. She raised her daughters, Betty and Lois, in the tradition of her Appalachian family. I use to love hearing stories from my grandma and great grandmother about our family in mountains of West Virginia. When I was little my mom and I took Grandma Betty Carr and Grandma Stella McCann to the mountains for a visit. I will never forget that trip.

The Appalachian people have a long history in the United States. Our ancestors were one of the first pioneers and we have the deepest loyalty for our country. Many people make fun of the Appalachian population but I, for one, and proud to be a direct descendent of an Appalachian family.

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