Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#ExpressYourself: Strong Girls Unite #gaming #heroines

Welcome back to the Express Yourself weekly blog hop. Today I was asked "What are my favorite video games?"

I have always loved to play video games. I can get sort of addicted to them, especially the fantasy genre ones.

When I was little I loved to play Mortal Kombat, especially with Jade and Princess Kitana. I grew up in the 80's and there just weren't that many female characters who were strong enough to stand on their own and defend themselves. So I played with Jade and Princess Kitana as much as I could. It was hard at first because Jade was a secret character when she was first introduced but she became playable in Ultimate Mortal Kombat III.

 A few years ago, I was introduced to World of Warcraft by my niece's then husband. I joined the game so I could play with him. He was a huge gamer and my thinking was this would be a great bonding experience. Then I got sucker into. I was playing for four to six hours every night after work. I had six characters and most of them were females. My strongest character was a warrior named Ravenlore.

Then I got hooked onto Tomb Raider. I love Tombraider because she's strong and she's into archaeology. It was about time there was a female Indiana Jones. I mean come on! She's the ultimate heroine, right?

I no longer have time to play video games but if I did these would be the ones I would play.

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