Monday, August 22, 2016

Is #Autism a genetic condition? #genetics #disorders #education

One of the most asked questions about Autism (Aspergers Syndrome is on the Autism Spectrum)  is whether or not it has is a genetic condition. There are many families where more than one people have been diagnosed with a type of Autism.  

Scientists have been interested in determining why Autism seems to run in families. A 2011, a study of 226 infants throughout the United States found parents of an Autistic child may produce more Autistic children. Of the families who were studied 8-10% of Autistic children had siblings who had Autism as well. Nineteen percent of these siblings were younger than their brother or sister. The more children a family had the more likely they were to have Autistic children. Gender seems to make a difference as well. Of the families studied, 26% of boys were Autistic compared to 9% girls. The result of the study strongly proved there may be a genetic condition to Autism. 


  1. I have Asperger Syndrome myself and I think it's genetic in my family. My father had symptoms that hinted at it, and my father's mother did as well. But I hope they never discover the genes that cause autism spectrum disorders because that would give a rather horrible way to 'end autism forever.'

    Nissa from