Sunday, July 6, 2014

What'sUpWithAllison: Everything Changes

Welcome back to another week on my blog. This past weekend in the United States, Americans have been celebrating the 229th birthday of our country. It's been a long, wonderful weekend.

This week's news for all my readers will change everything.

 My long time editor, Lee Porche, has accepted the Director of Editing position with the publishing house that I and Craig Michael Lewis own, Mountain Springs House. As such, her duties have drastically increased and she will no longer be able to edit my books.

I have found a new editor. Jasmine Dawson will be editing my previous works and my future ones. She has already edited a short story I plan to release very soon. Our next project will be the re-release of my bestselling Native American Historical Fiction book, Calico. Yet I will be making some drastic changes to the book. First, the protagonist will no longer be Calico but her husband, War Chief Little Owl Quick as the Wind. Second, we will be changing the title but not the series title. I will be certain to keep you informed of the progress. I am also currently working on the screenplay adaptation of the book.

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