Tuesday, August 12, 2014

#ExpressYourself: My Teen Crushes and Steampunk?

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Can you believe it's the middle of August already? This summer has just flown by so fast. Today I am answering two Express Yourself questions because I am catching up on my blogging.

Question #1 = Who were your celebrity crushes when you were a teen?

This may sound quite odd but I tended to fall in love with the characters more than the actors who portrayed them. Here are a few of the characters I had a crush on.

Wesley Crusher (Star Trek: TNG) 
Worf (Star Trek: TNG) 
William F. Cody (Young Riders) 
James Butler Hickok (Young Riders)
Buck Cross (Running Buck)(Young Riders)
Ike McSwain (Young Riders)
Hank (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)
Sully (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)
Cloud Dancing (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)

Question #2: What is one thing Steampunk-ish I find fascinating from books, TV, movies and/or the internet. 

That's a great question! What I love most about the Steampunk genre is freedom in creativity it gives you. Steampunk opens the mind to all kinds of wonders. New worlds and alternative worlds are just waiting to be explored. 

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