Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Down in the Bayou: #Louisiana #History

Down in the Bayou

Welcome to my new blog series Down in the Bayou. Down in the Bayou is an in depth look into the culture and history of French Louisiana. This blog series will take place every Tuesday. 

My next novel, Le Créole, takes place in 1739 New Orleans. New Orleans was the capital of Louisiana at that time. You're probably thinking Louisiana as the state but at that time the term meant all of New France. The video below gives a simplified history of the French colonization in North America and the creation of Louisiana (New France).

 French explorer, René-Robert Cavelier, named the land the French controlled in the New World   as La Louisianne. He chose that name because he wanted to honor his king, King Louis XIV. 

The French made many important discoveries in the New World. The video below briefly gives an overview of important French explorers that shaped the culture of French Louisiana. 

Join me next week as we learn about Jacques Cartier and his discovery of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. 

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