Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#ExpressYourself: Fav Five Characters

Express Yourself:

Five Characters That Will Remain With Me Forever

This week I was asked to reveal five fictional characters I would want to have in my life. I decided to share some of the characters that I have written that have stuck with me throughout the years. 

1) Elsa from Elsa (The Secret Heritage)
Elsa is a young woman who defies society in order to marry a man with Asperger's Syndrome. Her story and character is based on my Great Grandmother Elva Russell. I had never met my Great Grandmother before and to be honest no one in the family remembered who she was. I had searched for years for information about her so I could add it to our family tree. I finally found the information I was looking for a few years ago. I was amazed to learn about her interesting life story and knew I had to write it down. I fictionalized most of her character and story. 

2) Creek from Calico (Children of the Shawnee)
Who doesn't love Creek? Creek is a young woman who married a French trader and adopted his brother's daughter. She is the daughter of a Shawnee peace child. Creek is the youngest of six children. Her first husband was killed in the French and Indian War only days after they married. Her heart was broken yet she married Pierre a few months later. She never married him for love but did so in order for him to trade with her family. Five years later, she submitted her complete life to Pierre and became his wife under God. Creek is a devoted wife, loving mother yet is very shy. 

3)Sherlock from Bailey's Revenge (Irish Twist of Fate)
Sherlock was one of those characters that just begged for his story to be told. He is more than a brother to his younger sister, Kathleen. He's old enough to be her father and does take that role even through their father is alive. Sherlock is one of those good guys whose lives goes terribly wrong. You feel for this guy because you know in a different time and place he would have a much better life than he has in Bailey's Revenge. 

4) Albert from Field of Grace
Albert Ernst Tanner immigrated from Germany with his family only to be imprisoned in an internment in Georgia with his family because they were German. After World War I is over he and his family are released. The migrate up to Marion, Ohio where they start a grocery. It is here that he meets Ida McIntyre. The couple instantly fall in love. Albert is a good young man that wants to provide for Ida and their baby. He and Ida have been in a romantic relationship for less than a year when she tells him she is carrying his child. Albert wants to start a family with her but Ida can't let go of her inhibitions. 

5) Mary from Bailey's Revenge and Le Creole
Mary is just one of those characters that won't leave you alone until you tell her story. My fans first meet her in Bailey's Revenge. Le Creole tells the story of what happened to her right after the end of Bailey's Revenge. Mary is a very shy woman prone to depression and suicidal thoughts. Those faults often land her in situations that she doesn't want to be in. Mary is a very loving and caring mother who has been scarred by events in her life. 

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