Monday, June 20, 2016

#Gifted #Children: Little Bodies, Big Mind, Misdiagnosed

Gifted Children:

Little Bodies + Big Minds = Misdiagnosed

Stories like these don't happen everyday. Most of the time when we hear about them in the news were are astonished, amazed and forget that this prodigy is still a child. Gifted children have a hard time in the world because their minds are far more advanced their their emotions and bodies. Sometimes gifted children are misidentified in the school as being ADHD, having Learning Disabilities and/or being the problem child. How is that a gifted child can be unrecognized by those in educational field? More times than naught it is because the educator doesn't know what to look for when it comes to determining whether or not their student is gifted.

Here are some signs to look for:

Gifted children can be problematic in the public school setting if they are not challenged. Their minds easily wander if they already know the material you have set before them. Remember, gifted children are the leaders of their generation and need to be treated as such. They may not come from a home environment that supports their high IQ. Often times, school or the library because a place of safety for gifted students because they have an thirst for knowledge that can never be satisfied.

Often times, gifted children are labeled as having special needs because in their early years they may display developmental delays. This is very common in gifted children. I was one of those gifted children who had a speech delay until Kindergarten and was placed in special education classes from K - 2nd grade. Then all of sudden, I was learning so fast that I was in the normal classroom in 3rd grade and all of sudden I was reading three grades higher than my peers. This rapid acquisition of skills is normal for gifted children. Once they reach this level they keep learning skills that are higher than their peers.

Gifted children will sometimes become fixated on a subject matter until they learn all they can with the subject then disregard it and move to the next subject. They are quick learners, fast thinkers and want to learn everything. Sometimes this attribute causes them to be labelled as ADHD.

Socially, these children may be labelled as loners or with some sort of disorder. Gifted children struggle with establishing and maintaining relationships with other their own age because in their minds they are not their peers. They are more likely to see out friendships with adults because in their minds they are their equals. It's very important to teach these children social skills that their peers already know. This may be harder to do with children who are not gifted as well. Gifted children are born leaders and may try to lead children their own age instead of cooperate with them to solve a problem.

Gifted children are a blessing to our society. Let's treat them as such.

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