Friday, January 2, 2015

WhatsUpWithAllison: Being #gifted. Changing the #Educational World

Happy New Year! 

This week has been a busy and insightful week for me. On December 26th I left Indianapolis for my first residency for my PhD in Education program. I arrived in Washington DC in the afternoon and along with over 150 other students attended residency at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland. I was excited and nervous because this was the first time I had met my best friend in person. We had met at Full Sail University while working on MFA in Creative Writing, had spoken almost on a daily basis via phone and internet but had never met in real life. 

Krystol had entered into her PhD program in Psychology a few months before I did. Walden University requires all of their students to attend their first residency within 90 days of their start date. Even though Krystol was accepted into her program before I was we both started our classes in the same quarter. We decided to attend our first residency at the same location and share all of the expenses. We had a GREAT TIME together. Here is a picture of Krystol and I together at the hotel. 

My first residency was a blessing for me. I made new friends who work in different educational fields including international and online education. I was the only one out of our group that works at a private school. It was very interesting to share our experiences with each other. I'm quite certain the friendships we started won't end after graduation. 

My experience at residency 1 also inspired me to stay on the path I am heading down. I have a passion to help educators, parents and the community to understand the educational needs of gifted children.  As a gifted young woman who has struggled in this world I feel encouraged that there is interest in the educational community to learn more about how the needs of the gifted community can be met and empowered to help make those changes. Not all gifted children and adults are the same. It's hard to put the gifted community into a box because we are so different. It's time for the educational community to stop labelling us with LD, ADHD, ED and other disorders and focus the educational needs of the gifted on a path where we can be successful. 

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  1. Love the Fionna pic!
    You're right, being put in a box sucks.