Sunday, April 19, 2015

What's Up With Allison: The Return of Calico and Chief Little Owl

What's Up with Allison?
The Return of Calico and Chief Little Owl
It's been a very crazy past couple of months for me. Just as I was getting back to writing on my blog life happened and the flu. I am back to action now. Besides working on my papers for school and teaching I am currently working on the second book of the Children of the Shawnee series. The first book, Calico, took you deep into the world of the 18th century Shawnee.

Lies and Deceit will answer questions as to what happened to Yellow Oak and Squirrel Runner? Remember that little secret Fox Fire told Pierre when Little Owl was recovering from alcohol poisoning? How do the lies that were told even before Calico and Little Owl were born affect their perception of the world?
 Oh, and did I forget to mention someone important in Calico's life is going to lose her life?
But who is it?
If you haven't read Calico you can find a copy on Amazon.

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