Friday, May 29, 2015

#ArmchairBEA: Branding the Blog?

Blogging 101: Branding the Blog

A blog can be one of the most difficult things an author writes but it can also be an author's best friend. An author's blog should be the place their readers can come to talk about the author's book, receive updates, and learn more about circumstances within a story's setting. I use my blog to keep my readers updated with my writing projects. I also use my blog to expand upon the historical and/or cultural settings in my books. My readers know that when they come to my blog they will find interesting historical or culturally related articles. I have been writing and sharing historical posts since 2010. I generally post historical or cultural articles on my blog every Tuesday and Thursday.  I have a new blog series that focuses on Gifted Education that runs on Mondays. I started this series soon after I started my PhD in Education.  

When I started blogging ,five years ago, I only posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Over time I have added different weekly memes that I have found from different bloggers. I did this because I wanted my readers to feel they knew me. I don't want to be that author who is so high and mighty that the readers feel disconnected from me. The world has changed and there's no room for the author of old. Readers want to feel connected with their favorite authors. 

Another change that I made to my blog was branding. I generally write stories that take place in the 18th century but I have been known to periodically go outside that timeframe. My characters are strong females who are family oriented. I wanted my readers to understand that if you are going to read one of my books then those are the qualities you will always find in the story. So I redesigned my blog. I had a logo created for me. I chose the bear because I am like a mother bear with anyone whom I have been given leadership over. I am very protective, loving and caring. I am a teacher with a servant's heart.  

Once the logo was created I took the image and manipulated it so I could use it on my blog. Sometimes you will see my logo on my social media outlets that has been placed on a background specific to the book I am promoting, such as the one below for Calico. This is Calico and War Chief Little Owl.

Last year, I replaced my logo on my blog with the one you see here:

I felt the new banner on my blog went well with the message I was trying to promote with my blog. Allison Bruning is a historical fiction author with a passion for history. I took the banner and placed it on all my other social media sources. So whenever my readers see this image they know that is my official site. My website also mirrors my blog. 

By branding my social media with my blog and website I've seen more and more readers inquiring about my writings. The author's blog should be a place of consistency. It should be place where readers can not only learn more about the book but you as well. It's your name that you want to brand not your blog. 

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