Friday, May 29, 2015

#ArmchairBEA: Interview with a #Shawnee #Shaman

Welcome to another Armchair BEA posts. Today we are talking about characters. I would like to introduce you to a new character in my Children of the Shawnee series. Red Bird. Red Bird is the grandfather of Yellow Oak, the shaman we all came to love and adore in Calico. Although he cares deeply for his grandson, he places the needs of the Shawnee before his family. The creator, Our Grandmother, has given him special permission to travel through time to meet with us today. Please give a warm welcome to Red Bird!

ALLISON: Welcome to the Armchair BEA, Red Bird. We are delighted to have you.

RED BIRD: Thank you. 

ALLISON: Can you tell us where you live?

RED BIRD: Well I usually live in the sacred lands with the other shaman elders.

ALLISON: Oh, what's that like?

RED BIRD: I cannot tell you much because it's a sacred place for my people. It is a special place where no Shawnee may dwell unless they are a shaman.

ALLISON: Ok. You said you normally live there. Where do you live right now?

RED BIRD: I have travelled into the world of men to save Chief Little Owl's family from a demon that has possessed Chief Big Deer's son. The demon, who calls herself the Demon Bride, is feeding on the evil that was already among Chief Little Owl's village. My grandson was supposed to help them but he failed. The creator has charged me with two duties: Eliminate the Demon Bride and the lies that have been told. There have been so many lies told in Chief Little Owl's village that no one is making decisions based on the truth. The truth must be revealed. Hearts must be mended. Lives must be saved. 

ALLISON: Your grandson was the shaman, Yellow Oak. He left the village with his wife. Where are they now?

RED BIRD: They are safe and well in the Sacred Lands. 

ALLISON: Is it true that his daughter is Chief Big Deer's wife?

RED BIRD: It is. His adopted son is the French trader who lives with them, Fox Claw. He married the chief's daughter, Creek. 

ALLISON: I see. How does it feel to walk among your family? Do they know who you are?

RED BIRD: I have had many family members throughout time. I love each and everyone of them but I know my obligations as a shaman come before my love for them. It is a hard path to walk but one that I must. I have not nor will I divulge my true identity to them without the creator's permission. 

ALLISON: Can you tell us what year it is and where the Shawnee are located?

RED BIRD: The year is 1774 and most of our people live in Ohio. We share hunting rights in Kentucky and Virginia. It's a dangerous time and place for our people because the settlers have illegally settled our land. The British promised us that no one would be allowed across the mountains but they have not enforced that rule. I am lodging with Chief Little Owl and his family at Dr. Ephraim Garrick's plantation in Virginia. It is too dangerous for us in the wilderness and we needed to be somewhere the soldiers would never suspect us to be in the first place.

ALLISON: Are the Shawnee at war?

RED BIRD: We have been at war with the settlers for a long time. Too long. The war has disrupted our way of life. Lives have been lost and the people are unbalanced. 

ALLISON: Have you spoken to the British for help?

RED BIRD: We have but they will do nothing to aid us. We must fight this battle on our own. We will not give up our lands nor our way of life. We are Shawnee.

ALLISON: I understand that there is a list of captives that the British want back. Have your people complied with the British demands?

RED BIRD: The women and children that were captured are Shawnee. They abandoned their white ways when they become Shawnee. We have asked all of the women and children if they want to return to their old lives. It is their decision whether or not they want to return to their white ways. We have returned all of the captives who do not want to remain with us. Why force someone to do something against their will? We do not force the women and children who want to remain with us to return to their old ways. If they don't want to leave then we will protect them.

ALLISON: Is that the position Calico finds herself in? I understand the list contains her name and the name of her twin sister?

RED BIRD: The Huntress is confused and I do not blame her after the ordeal she went through with
Yellow Oak's son. She questions everything she ever learned about being Shawnee. It will take her husband to heal those wounds. Chief Little Owl is an excellent Shawnee warrior, leader and husband. He knows the creeds and lives by them. As for her twin sister, we do not know where Rose is. We have not seen her since she left our village over ten years ago as a child.

ALLISON: I understand Chief Little Owl and Calico are both severally injured. Will they survive?

RED BIRD: They must for the sake of the people. The prophecy must be fulfilled. 

ALLISON: What prophecy? I thought the prophecy was fulfilled when they married?

RED BIRD: That was just one of many prophecies told about this powerful couple. They are the hope of our people. They face many dark battles that will either destroy them or make them stronger. Chief Little Owl and the Huntress will never be forgotten by our people as long as they follow the path the creator has set before them.

ALLISON: Can you tell us more?


ALLISON: Well ok. Thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you have a safe journey back to 1774 Virginia.

RED BIRD: Thank you. 

Red Bird rises from his chair and disappears. 

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