Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#ArmchairBEA: The Mysterious #Library of All Ages

Library Love

 Welcome back to the first day of the ArmchairBEA 2015! Please step through the portal to enter into the the ATHENA MEMORIAL LIBRARY. 

Around and around you swirl amongst all the text ever written from the start of mankind to the future. Books and texts never viewed before swirl around you until suddenly........

.... you descend from the sky into a large library. You slowly land on marble ground. The bookshelves are so high you wonder how on earth those books were ever shelved. Somewhere in the distance you hear a woman yell out your name. You turn around to come face to face with a fairy. So they do exist, you exclaimed in your thoughts. She stands firmly with her hands on her hips with a stern look of disapproval as if she had somehow read your mind. 

"Well of course I exist. I am the library fairy. The guardian of every text ever written. Now, you came to land in search of an author," the fairy exclaims as she floats around you. Despite her size, you are quite impress with her boldness. You glance at the top shelf then wonder what might magic the small fairy might possess. You decide not to ask too many questions or test her boldness.

 You look back at the fairy and ask, "Uhm, yes. I was looking for the complete works of Allison Bruning?"

"Fairy name, please," the fairy asks peering down her tablet. 

"Fairy name?"

The fairy stomps her feet and looks up at you like your were a nuisance. "Yes, all authors have a special name given to them by the fairies whenever they accept their writing skills by Athena."

"I...ugh...hmm...I don't know it."

"What! How could you not know your author's fairy name. No one ever comes through the portal without it! How on earth do you expect to read your author's past, current and future works without it?"

"Wait, you mean I can read any of her stories that haven't been written yet?"

"Isn't that why you are here?"

"Well, no, I didn't know.... how is that even possible?"

The fairy smiles at you as she stares at you through her glasses. She lowers her tablet. "Ah, I see. You're one of those mortals who accidently discover the portal while attending the ArmchairBEA conference." She sighs, "I truly hate this time of year. It always happens. One of you bloggers will find out that an author is attending then do something that makes the portal appear. Then out of your own curiosity you end up right here without the proper name and/or knowing the proper procedures."

"I didn't do anything to Allison's blog. I promise. I just showed up to read her post and then ended up here."


"Honest. I just want to know more about her books so I can read them."

"Then go to Amazon and read about there. Here's the link.... Now off with you." The fairy lifts her wand and starts to mutter something in a language you have never heard before. 

"Wait," you plead. The fairy pauses and impatiently glares at you. "What is she working on right now? Can't you at least tell me that?"

"She writing the second book in her Children of the Shawnee series. It's titled Lies and Deceit. It's
a really good book. I would highly suggest you read the first book before the second one is released later this year."

"Tell me more, please."

"No. Goodbye." The fairy touches you on the head with her wand.

You suddenly find yourself back at your computer staring at Allison's website. You blink your eyes wondering if what you experience was really true or not. How did you get from Allison's blog to her website? Was the library just a dream? You turn to your right and find a copy of Calico beside your computer. Bewildered and confused you open the book up to find an inscription on the dedication page with your name on it. 


You close the book and stared at the computer. It wasn't a dream. The library was real and fairies do exist. 


  1. That circular library is amazing!!!!

    1. Thank you. I found the pic through Creative Commons.

  2. I like the idea of authors getting fairy names.

    1. Right! Hmm, I think I need to find mine. LOL