Thursday, June 25, 2015

#SupernaturalTexas: #Texas regions.

Ranches, Rodeos, Cowboys and the Supernatural? 

Welcome to the first post in my Supernatural Texas series. This series is based on the adventures of Dalton and Tasha. Dalton and Tasha are the main characters of my EspĂ­ritu de Tejas short story series. The first story in the series, The Lady of Wild Rose Pass, takes place in Wild Rose Pass, which is located between Balmorhea and Fort Davis, Texas

Typically when an outsider thinks of Texas the first image they conjure is that of the desert. But that's not what all of Texas looks like. Texas has four regions with different geographical landscapes, climate, cultures and history. The four regions are broken down into subregions such as the Piney Woods. 

The region The Lady of Wild Rose Pass takes place in the Big Bend Region located within the Mountain Region. This area of Texas is filled with deserts, mountains, cactus and ranches. There have been many films, TV shows and music videos filmed in this area of Texas. In fact, most of the time when a story takes place in Texas it is filmed in the Big Bend Region. This makes people who are not associated with Texas think the entire state is a desert. 

The Big Bend Region of Texas is a magically place with breathtaking views that will leave you speechless. We'll explore more the of this area's history and culture each week.  See ya'll next Tuesday.

Until then.........................GOD BLESS TEXAS!

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