Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#ExpressYourself: #school pranks

Welcome back to the Express Yourself blog meme. This week I was asked to share with my readers the best prank I have ever pulled on someone. I'm not much of a prankster but I have had some pretty amazing ones that I managed to pull off when I was younger.

The best prank I think that I ever pulled off was when I was in fifth grade. My fifth grade class went to the annual science camp. All the girls were in one cabin and across from us was the boys cabin. The boys had pranked our cabin the night we arrived. So I and a few of my friends decided it was time for a payback. We also didn't like the class snob/bully and we decided to pin it all on her. I went to the boys and told them the girls were planning to put toothpaste on their doorknobs and window ledges. Once they believed me I went back to the girls and told them that the boys were planning to prank them. Everyone in my class was scrambling to out do each other's pranks. It was a huge mess. I may have out done myself because the teacher ended up calling social services and my mom, the CPS worker for the area, was sent out to investigate. I didn't own up to that one until we moved to Texas while I was in high school. She told me she knew it was me the entire time.

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