Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#ExpressYourself: Writing, Music and More

It's hump day! Happy Wednesday! I've been busy these past few weeks working on my manuscript for Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal this month was to write 100,000 words. I'm up to 80,000. Lord, help me. I have 20,000 words to write in two days. AAAAAHHHH. 

So since I've been busy writing I've missed a few days of posting. I have two Express Yourself entries for today. Gotta make up for the one I missed last week. LOL. 

July 20 - 24

Name 2 favorite places/spots you like to hang out at.

Oh this one is easy! I like to go camping with my friends and family. Any park will do. The more secluded the better. I love to just sit in the forest and let my imagination fly. 

My second favorite place is the Indy Reads Bookstore. This independent bookstore in Indianapolis is the hangout for all my NaNoWriMo buddies in Indianapolis. We have monthly meetings where we encourage each other to keep on writing. Here's a pic of us at our last gathering at Indy Reads. 

July 27 - 31 

Share a few songs from you WIP playlist. 

Hmm, I normally don't write with music but there are some moments in my writing time that I will chose to listen to a song. It usually happens when I'm having a hard time with a certain scene. 

My current manuscript is a bit more paranormal than the first book of the Children of the Shawnee series. I wasn't planning on it but all of a sudden I ended up having a time traveler in the book. An adult version of Black Buffalo travels from 2015 to 1774 where he is only a few years old. No my math isn't off. He's an immortal shaman. I decided he was going to be singer after listening to this song. The lead singer with the curly hair looks like my character. 

I had problems writing a scene the other day between Calico and Chief Big Deer. It was a pretty dramatic scene where he delivers words of wisdom to her. I just couldn't piece this scene together. So I went to YouTube and looked for some Shawnee music. I found this wonderfully talented men, listened to their music and wrote the scene. It turned out to be very dramatic. 

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