Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#Supernatural #Texas: The #Devil of Mitre Peak

Supernatural Texas:
The Devil of Miter Peak

Welcome back to Supernatural Texas. Last week, I introduced you to the mysterious Marfa Ghost Lights. I hope you enjoyed reading about those strange lights. Today, we're going eleven miles north of Fort Davis, Texas to mountain peak that's 6, 190 feet above sea level. Mitre Peak is one of many interesting landscapes within the Big Bend region that is home to a supernatural tale.  Mitre Peak sits on private property. The owner does allow for hikers to climb to the summit as long as you seek his permission first. The mountain is the namesake for the Girl Scout Camp - Camp Mitre Peak. Camp Mitre Peak has some beautiful trails that will leave the hiker to experience breathtaking views.

The story behind the name of Mitre Peak comes from the legend that is associated with it. 

The Devil of Mitre Peak:

Back in the day when the Fort Davis area was newly settled, the devil ran wild. Every day he would walk the roads and terrorize the townsfolk, merchants and whomever he decided needed to fear him. One day, a Catholic bishop came to the area. He had heard the local tales of the devil's encounters with the local folk. It didn't take him long to see the strange evidence the devil had left behind. The Catholic bishop prayed over the town, merchants and settlers. Yet still, the devil persisted. Desperate to remedy the situation the bishop decided to take matters into his own hands. He told the townsfolk of his plans to trap the devil. The people warned him not to confront the devil but the bishop refused then all. He blessed them then went on his way. He searched for days. Then one day, he encountered the devil on the road. The devil taunted the bishop. The bishop said a prayer to God and chased the devil through the lands until he came upon a large mountain. He pulled out his wooden crucifix and held it front of the devil. The devil tried to run away but every time he turned around he came face to face with the cross. He walked backwards until he was pushed inside a deep, dark cave. The bishop threw the crucifix into the cave. Just as he backed out of the cave God caused a landslide of boulders to seal up the devil's prison. The bishop fell to his knees, shielded his body until the loud rumbling of falling stones ended. When all was said and done the bishop turned back to the mountain. There he saw the giant mountain was in the shape of his bishop's hat and the devil was no more. The bishop returned to Fort Davis. To this day, none of the locals will ever climb Mitre Peak in fear that they might accidently release the devil from his confinement. 

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