Friday, July 3, 2015

#writingprompt Summer Writing Camp #4

Summer Writing Camp #4

I was blog hopping today and came across a blog game known as Summer Writing Camp at the Journey to the Finish Line blog. The goal is to write a story using the prompt that was provided. The deadline for this posting is July 17th but I thought I would work on it today. So here it goes. Here's the prompt and below it is the short story. 

Di knew better than to let her sister fall asleep in her lap while reading a story to her. Dangerous, strange things could happen in her sleep. Usually it was stupid stuff like the time she floated up to the ceiling and licked the paint until her tongue was swollen. Or the time she decided to walk the goldfish and feed the dog in the bathtub with his food underwater. It never failed. Something, uncontrollable would happen and her little sister was the cause of it all. You see, her four year old sister didn't know any better. I mean how do you control a magical being who doesn't understand how to tell the difference from her imagination and reality? 

Di slowly pushed Su away from her and slid out of the bed. Her little sister whimpered then fell back to sleep. She hoped whatever she facing in her dreams wasn't dangerous this time. Di looked at the book she had just read to her sister. Every time she had read a book to her sister Sue would dream about it and then she would have to face it in the real world. Thankfully she had chosen a simple book to read. What could go wrong with a book titled Raindrop, Rainbow? 

Suddenly lightening struck the neighbor's house and thunder roared through the sky. Di ran to the window. Flashes of gold and red flickered in the clouds. Shadows danced in the clouds with every burst of thunderous lighting. A large creature with wings roared as what looked like knights fought it in the clouds. Di picked up the book and flipped through the pages. She was quite certain the book didn't say anything about dragons and knights. She turned her gaze upon her sister. She didn't are wake her sister before the dream was over. The last time she did that the house exploded and she was grounded for three months for interfering with her sister's magical journey. She was her sister's guardian after all. As the eldest sibling it was her duty to make certain her sister completed her entire training. 

Di turned back to the window and watched the firemen try to put out the neighbor's house with...what the...with a hose full of chocolate syrup? The house was on fire with green flames? What kind of fire was that? The dragon roared above her head. She had just turned her head in time to see the dragon descend upon her house with it's nostrils flaring! Su laughed as her spirit rode on the back of the dragon. The dragon blew seltzer water all over Di. She shook her hands downward with a gasp. Her  entire body drenched from head to toe.  

"That's not funny," Di yelled at her sister as the dragon passed the house by. 

"Ah, your no fun," the ramboncious young girl teased. 

"How are you going to explain that," Di yelled pointing to the neighbor's yard. 

"Oh, that. Well...uhm....I don't know. You figure something out."

"Why you," Di yelled then jumped out of the window onto the yard. Marshemallows and M&M's fell from the sky. "Droplets of chocolate and marshmallows. Of course, it would be ...." A lightening bold of thick, nacho cheese collided with the tree. She jumped off and ran across the yard. The rain grew thicker but this time it was pouring down gumdrops so fast and thick it hurt every time the rain fell upon her. 

THIS WAS GOING TO BE A VERY LONG NIGHT...........At least this time she would enjoy tasting the rain.


  1. This is so cool! I love how creative it is and how Su's dreams manifest into reality. That song, "It's raining lemon drops and gumdrops," I will never look at that song the same way again. :) Poor Di. How in the world does she get Su to behave at all?

    1. Hi Ashley. Thank you. I'm thinking it might just become a YA someday.

  2. I always wanted it to rain candy, nice job.