Monday, July 13, 2015

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Hey everyone. Welcome back to What's Up with Allison. This week has been a very interesting writing week for me. Ever have those moment when you think a storyline is going to go one way and it ends up going another? Well that's what's been happening to me with Lies and Deceit.

I had written 70, 000 words into the novel but it just didn't feel right to me. Camp NaNoWriMo started on July 1st. A few days before camp started I decided I was going to rethink the plan for the second book of the Children of the Shawnee series. I sat down, thought about the loss ends from book 1 and re-planned the entire series.

Lies and Deceit will have more paranormal elements to it than Calico does and the sex scenes are HOTTER! The reader will get to experience more of the supernatural battles between good and evil.

There's new characters as well. You'll meet Red Bird, the man that not only raised but trained Yellow Oak. Another new character is Motshee Monito. He's the Shawnee's version of Satan. The reader will also see experience more scenes with the spiritual guides. Another surprise my readers will encounter is a shaman who travels from the future into the past to help his mother defeat the Demon Bride. Yup, you read that right, Black Buffalo will be an adult in this book. He's coming back to a time and place where his toddler self resides. Talk about a mind blowing experience for that shaman.

I'm really excited about the changes that are occurring in the second book. It's fun just writing about it. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with some of my writing buddies from Indianapolis' NaNoWriMo group at a pirate write-in. Here are a pic of me in my costume. I have some wonderful story ideas as well for upcoming novels.

Arrrggg, matey. It's Captain Amora of the Drunkard Mermaid. She'll steal your hear than all your treasures. ARRRGGGG.

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