Thursday, May 12, 2016

#ArmchairBEA: Aesthetic Concerns I

Aesthetic Concerns I

It's the second day of the ArmchairBEA. I had so much fun yesterday reading the blog posts and participating in the Twitter Party. Today's topic is about aesthetic concerns. As an author, I create works of art with my words. I build the world and characters. I can see them in my head as I write. They take on a life of their own. I love to read and write about worlds and characters that are so real the words transport me to another time and place. Creative writing can be a challenging and rewarding career. While I and the reviews may enjoy reading my stories, the reviews aren't always the first thing people see when chosing which book to read. Here's where I put on my publisher hat. I have owned and operated my own publishing company for three years. One of the most difficult things to do is to sell your authors books. Why? Because when Amazon opened up the world to self publishing the world was overwhelmed with so many books it has been hard for potential readers to find new authors to read. 

We live in a visual world. Most readers will automatically look at the cover of a book when making a decision whether or not they want to read it. If the cover catches the reader's attention then they will probably read the book's blurb, aka: the summary on the back of the book. That's why it's important for the graphic designer to create a visually enticing cover and the author to create a blurb that maintains the reader's attention. If both are accomplished then the author is likely to have a sale.

Here's the first cover of my book Elsa. The graphic artist has chosen this image because she wanted something to represent the times and the relationship between Franklin and Elsa. While I liked the cover I wasn't that impressed with it. I decided I needed a different cover to express the true relationship. Franklin has Aspergers Syndrome. He doesn't fit well into society. I don't think it shows the complexity of my characters' relationship.  

Here's the new cover for my book and blurnb.

All Elsa Garrett wants in life is to be Franklin’s wife. He’s asked her father for her hand and knows he has permission to ask her. Yet when and how would her boyfriend with Asperger’s Syndrome ask the question? When Franklin has a diabetic seizure all hope seems lost once Elsa learns Franklin can no longer marry her due to an obscure law in Ohio relating to his seizure. With the help of Franklin’s parents, Elsa has a plan. But will it work? Lost in a society that doesn’t understand Franklin or why she would ever choose to be with him, Elsa comes face to face with death, destruction, and misfortune as she tries to clear her boyfriend’s name. With each step towards progress Elsa falls two steps behind. One simple task shifts her entire life towards a direction she could have never imagined. Alone, pregnant, and without her Franklin, is despair all she has to look forward to in her new life, or will fate finally bring them together?

What do you think? Which cover do you think best represents my book?

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