Thursday, May 12, 2016

#armchairBEA: Branding and Blogging.

Aesthetic Concerns II

Creating and maintaining a brand that represents what kind of writer you are is important for all authors. I have a personal logo that I use in all my books that depicts my values. 

My logo is of a mother bear with her cubs. I like it because it represents the protective nature I have over the next generation. I'm a born leader, teacher and mother. I love inspiring others to follow their dreams. The female leads in my books are strong, independent and have strong family values. Sometimes I will place my logo on an image to represent the book or series I am promoting. Such as the one below when I am promoting Calico or the Children of the Shawnee series. 

My blog is another place that represents my brand. I write historical romance. The visuals on my blog represent that. I use this banner on my social media and on my blog because I write about the 18th century. I wanted something to represent that. 

The topic I write about on my blog represent an aspect of life surrounding the life and times my characters in my current WIP or my previously published book. I also try to participate in blog hops the relate to history, books or the culture in which I am writing about. 

Branding is very important because it is the first image a reader has to make an impression about you and your work. It's hard work to create and maintain a brand but worth it. 

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