Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Mysterious Visitor at #SchoenbrunnVillage

Dear Diary........

This week I am starting something new on my blog. Dear Diary is a diary entry written by one of the characters in my books. It will be featured on my blog every Saturday. 

Today, I am introducing a new character to the world from the Children of the Shawnee series, Betsy Wagner. Betsy is introduced in the second book, Lies and Deceit. Lies and Deceit will be released late summer/early fall.

Betsy lives in Schoenbrunn Village located in North East Ohio. Originally from Bavaria, she and her late husband joined the Moravians at Schoenbrunn soon after it was established in 1772. Her husband passed away from cancer the following year. Betsy had spent years helping her husband in surgeries and caring for his patients. She holds enough medical expertise to have impress David Zeisberger into allowing her to replace her husband's position. 
Betsy healed Hawk Song after he passed out from blood loss and infections in his leg when he came to their village with his dead wife's body. The two eventually fell in love and married. 

In the words of Betsy Wagner........

March 20, 1773

Dear Diary, 

It's only been a few months since my beloved died of Cancer. I have visited upon his grave everyday since we buried him in God's Acre. It's been hard to live without him. My bed is so lonely. Some nights, after the boys have gone to bed, I turn over to speak to him only to realize he's never going to return to my bed. 

I have spent the past few weeks trying to busy myself so I can forget my love and move forward with my life. Yet, its hard to look upon the boys and not see their father. They all resemble him more than I! 

Today was an interesting day for me. The boys and I were dining with Jakob Novak and his family when Brother David had sent for me. I ran to the front of the village. There was a half dead Shawnee man with my good friend, Sarah Light, dead underneath his body. I knew who the man was. Sarah had married a Shawnee warrior last year by the name of Hawk Song Watching from the Sky. He is a handsome man with fine features. He arrived to our village with a gunshot wound in his hip. He was so frail from shock and blood loss I doubted he would survive. I wanted to cry for Sarah. I couldn't believe the fourteen year old girl was dead. Dead from a shot to the head. Chaos had erupted throughout the village. Everyone wanted answers. Obviously, her husband had tried to save her. But what tragedy had brought such destruction to their lives? The worst part of it all was Sarah was large with child! Brother David and Jakob Novak carried the unconscious Hawk Song to my cabin. The Shawnee awoke during surgery and tried to attack me. Thankfully, Abraham Light was there. He calmed the man down so I could finish the operation. The shot had splintered in his leg. I had found fragments in his knee, hip and leg muscle. I had to leave a portion of it in his hip joint. It had been to deep within the joint for me to pull out. I don't know if this man will ever be able to walk again. If not, what will we do with a heathen in our village? How will Brother David return him to his village? If he can't walk, won't he starve? So many questions. I pray God have mercy upon this man's soul, for Sarah and their child's sake. 

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