Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dear Diary: In the words of #Cherokee Chief Spring Frog

Dear Diary:
In the words of
Chief Spring Frog

Lies and Deceit 
(Children of the Shawnee: Book 2)

Dear Diary, 

Today is a great day mixed with bitter deceit. My youngest sister, Summer Rain, married the Shawnee warrior and younger brother of War Chief Little Owl. Her new husband's name is Blue Lark. It is not enough that we are Cherokee. If the problem of marrying one of our enemies were the mere problem the council would had no problem with denying the young man's request. But the situation is more complicated than a simple request. The Shawnee have never understood our ways. They believe men should have the final say in all manners. I am a chief but I only hold this position as long as the women support me. It is not the first time a Shawnee had married into our family. My eldest sister, Forest Water, married a Shawnee war chief when I was but a boy. Herein lies the problem. The brutal war chief demanded she change her name to Quiet Turkey and that her sons would never know she was Cherokee. She agreed. 

My brothers, sister and I have kept the secret of my nephews true identities a secret for the majority of their lives. Too many problems have arisen when Chief Kicking Horse's brother tries to rescue my sister and her children from him. There has been too much blood shed. I am only nine years older than the new Shawnee war chief, Chief Little Owl. I remember the day he was born. His father isn't Cheif Kicking Horse but the war chief's brother, Fox Fire. Yet, that is another secret I have had to kept.  I remember holding him during the naming ceremony. When he was a boy I taught him how to trap rabbits. We had always looked forward to seeing each other every winter. My sister has always been a good mother. I did not agree with her to keep the secret from Hawk Song, Little Owl and Blue Lark after the death of the Chief Kicking Horse. Yet, who am I to stand against a woman? 

When Blue Lark and Summer Rain married I kept my mouth shut. I only hope the creator doesn't allow a curse to befall against them because Summer Rain is his aunt. 

Chief Spring Frog

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