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Dear Diary: In the words of Count Remy De Clare Arnes #character #author #hisfic #France

Portrait of an Unknown Man. By anonymous. 1775

Dear Diary
In the words of 
Count Remy de Clare Arnes

Lies and Deceit (Children of the Shawnee: Book 2)

Dear Diary, 

The waves toss and turn this vessel throughout day and night. My wife and I have been at sea towards the British colonies for almost a month and a half. My beloved Wild Rose and I have been sequestered in our cabin without our servants for nearly two days. A terrible sickness has overcome the crew and passengers. We have not been affected but unfortunately Thomas has brought word that the servants we brought with us are ill with fever. My father has been helping the captain with maintaining order. 

Thankfully, due to our royal blood, we were not given quarter with the underprivileged. The captain, immediately recognizing my wife as King Louis' favorite granddaughter when we had first approached him concerning passage to the New World, had insisted we take his private cabin as our quarters. It has been a blessing. I very much doubt Rose would be able to handle such primitive, cramped conditions below deck. She hasn't complained much about our situation, as we have been preoccupied with our royal obligations of producing a child. We have spent the majority of the voyage making love in our cabin when we do not share the room with my father and Thomas. The waves and the sheer delight of not having anyone around us while we do our martial business has been wonderful for our sexual encounters. I do suspect, perhaps out of hope, that these encounters will satisfy the king with Rose carrying my child. But only time will tell. 

I must end this entry as there is a commotion outside our door. I do hope it's not another storm. The last one tossed Rose and I around the cabin leaving bruises and cuts all over our bodies.

Count Remy de Clare Arnes

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