Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#ExpressYourself: #Summer Goals

Welcome back the the weekly Express Yourself blog hop. This week I was asked to write about something I am looking forward to this summer.

This summer is a summer of changes for my family. Last April, my husband and I moved back to Marfa, Texas. It was an unplanned but perfect move for us. I have returned to writing full time and absolutely love it! We are surrounded by family and friends.

I have decided to open a new business in Texas known as Big Bend Productions. It will have four companies underneath it: Marfa House (publishing), Castolon Studios (photography), Boquillas' Window (graphics) and Lost Mine Films (independent film company). I am really excited about our business venture. I am currently working on establishing Big Bend Productions in Marfa. My plan is to launch it sometimes this fall.

My husband has been dreaming of owning a business as well. He's currently enrolled at Walden University but has also started school at Penn Foster to become a motorcycle repair technician. He wants to own his own motorcycle repair shop. He's also talking about going to Ashworth College when he finishes his motorcycle repair technician schooling to gain a certification in computer repair. His goal is to own and operate a business that fixes computers and motorcycles.

This summer is all about dreaming and working towards achieving our goals.

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