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Dear Diary: In the words of Duchess Rose Anna de Clare Arnes

Tilda Swinton as Orlando photographed
by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue, July 1993.
Dear Diary:

In the words of 
Duchess Rose Anna de Clare Arnes

(Children of the Shawnee: Lies and Deceit)

Dear Diary, 

I have had the most dreadful of circumstances befall upon my husband and I as we made our way from France to Virginia. After everything Remy and I have gone through in France I had very much doubted our fates could have become worse. My grandfather has demanded I uphold my royal obligation to provide my husband what an heir. I have quite enjoyed the experiences. Yet, a month into our trip I became serious ill. The ship's physician told Remy that I was experiencing sea sickness. When Remy asked why it had taken so long for me to exhibit the signs of such affliction, the physician kindly informed him that the simple fact that I was King Louis' granddaughter made me susceptible to being ill in harsh conditions. My frail body simply didn't need to be subjected to such harsh conditions such as life at sea. Little did the physician know that I was adopted by the king's son ten years ago. I had been born in the backwoods of Kentucky to French duke and English countess who desired the life of savagery rather than one at their prospectus courts. 

To this day I can never understand what drew my parents to leave their noble lives and assume life in the wilderness. It had been the dangers of the wilderness that had stolen their lives from me and my twin. Sigh. My twin. I have ever so missed Calico since I assumed my place in France. What an idiot I was to leave her with the Shawnee.  Calico deserves a better life than she has with them. It has come to my attention from our English spies that General Paul Braddox has issued a warrant for Calico's arrest. Calico murdered one of his officers. I knew King George wanted Calico and I in London so we could assume our mother's place as Lady Turner. I had thought her safe as long as the English king believed she was one of his most valuable possessions. But it seems King George has grown tired of my family. He has allowed General Braddox the privilege to try and hang her (if found guilty which we all know she will be) for murder. I have to rescue my sister. The only safe place for her is in France. I only hope she will be willing to agree with me. It has been ten years since we have seen, spoken or written to each other. How much has Calico changed? Will I even recognize my own twin?

Duchess Rose Anna de Clare Arnes

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