Sunday, July 10, 2016

#WhatsUpWithAllison: Chasing Dreams

It's been a crazy week for me but a very productive one. Have you ever had a dream that you wanted so bad you could taste it? I have.

I started my writing career eight years ago only thinking I wanted to become an internationally known bestselling author. Seems like an easy enough goal. But as I grew in my writing skills and obtained my MFA that dream changed. I had opened my publishing house with the dream of giving back to the literary community. I wanted a safe haven for new authors to publish their work. Mountain Springs House was born. I made many naive mistakes with my business. Three years later my dream evolved into something even greater. I closed my publishing house and moved to Texas.

I am still writing. I still want to be a well known author with New York Times bestselling books. I not only want to be that and have a publishing house. I want to write, direct and produce film. I want to do professional photography. I want to do graphic design. I want to have a company that does all of that. This week, I've opened a new company in Texas called Big Bend Productions. It has four companies underneath it. Marfa House (publishing), Castolon Studios (photography), Lost Mine Films (film), and Boquillas' Window (graphic design). I haven't launch the websites or social media for these companies yet. I'm so excited to be chasing my dreams. I plan to officially launch these companies sometime this Fall. So be on the look out.

Writing wise - I am still writing. I have a dedicated time in my day where I can work on my WIP. I'm can't wait to launch Lies and Deceit. I think you all will love the second book in the Children of the Shawnee series.

Keep chasing your dreams and never let them go.

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