Sunday, July 3, 2016

What'sUpWithAllison: Patriotic #American

Happy Fourth of July!

This weekend we celebrate our national independence. This is a very special patriotic day for all Americans. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence had vowed to change our world for the better knowing that they risked being hung for treason. The brave men, such as my four ancestors, who fought in the Revolutionary War against Great Britain were risking the forced seizure of their land and property along with being hung for treason. 

The American spirit spread throughout the world after we won the Revolutionary War. Citizens bound by monarchy saw the independence Americans had gained and wanted a taste of what we had won. The French had helped us during the war. Had it not been for them we probably wouldn't have succeeded in the founding of our great nations. Six years after the Revolutionary War had ended, French citizens inspired by our freedom declared war upon the French monarchy. The French Revolution would have never happened without the United States inspirational defeat of Great Britain. 

This weekend I honor my ancestors and the spirit of independence. I believe we have forgotten just how severe the repercussions could have been for our patriot ancestors while they were fighting for their freedom. Let us never forget the sacrifice of our brave patriot ancestors. Take time to remember what your freedom cost them this weekend. And be sure to thank a vet for their service. We are free because of the brave men and women who fought for our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. 

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