Friday, August 12, 2016

#CelebratetheSmallBlessings: #Glaucoma, #Cataracts and Legally Blind Blessings

This week has been a week of blessings for my family. It's amazing how small blessings can add up to bigger ones.

The biggest blessing my husband and I received this week came as a big surprise. He was told a few months ago that he had a secondary cataract behind the artificial lens in his left eye and a cataract in his right eye. We've known about the cataract in the right eye for six years. My husband has glaucoma and none of the specialists we have ever seen wanted to remove the cataract in the right eye.

My husband had seen an eye surgeon a month ago. She had recommended that he see a glaucoma
specialist to see if there is anything else that needs to be done. She also said he needed to have surgery to remove both cataracts. My husband has end stage glaucoma. He's had a shunt placed in his left eye and a blub in his right eye. The last doctor we had seen said there was nothing more they could do for my husband. He was declared legally blind in 2010 due to the end stage glaucoma.

Yesterday, we had thought his trip to the glaucoma specialist was going to be futile. My husband has been working with the Texas Department of the Blind. They had told him after they receive the recommendation from the glaucoma specialist that they would schedule his operations. We live three hours south of El Paso, where all the doctors are. My husband and his best friend drove to El Paso while I remained in Marfa. I couldn't leave my work and school. Imagine my surprise when the glaucoma specialist's office called me asking for my husband. I told them he was in their office. They said he had just left and the doctor had arranged for the cataract in the right eye to be removed that very day.

I called my husband. He told me they had removed the cataract in the left eye while he was there and was shocked that they had moved so quickly to have the right eye done. He hung up the phone and went to the surgery center. When he came home, later that night, he told me that the cataract in the right eye had been so large that the medical students were talking about. I am so grateful for the doctors who saw the urgency in the removal of the cataracts. My husband had been anxious and frustrated with all the delays before yesterday. He has a follow up in ten days with an eye doctor that is closer to us.


  1. How wonderful that they were able to get the surgery scheduled and done so quickly. I hope everything heals well!

  2. Thanks, Lori. It was a very exciting day. He's already telling me he can see a difference in the left eye. Time will tell with the right one.

  3. What a blessing (although it might not have seemed so at the moment). Hope it heals and continues well!

  4. It's great that they finally did something to help your husband! I hope this means some of his sight will be restored. Healing thoughts and good wishes to you both.

    1. Thanks, Lexi. He won't have all of his vision restored but it is working.