Saturday, August 6, 2016

Dear Diary: In the Words of Long Arrow

Dear Diary:

In the Words of Long Arrow

(Children of the Shawnee: 
Lies and Deceit)

Dear Diary,

I see the world my brother dwells in but only grow more concerned for his welfare the more I do so. I'm grateful to the creator, Our Grandmother, to grant me the ability to guide my brother from the spirit world when I am able to do so. The world of my people is slowly being destroyed by the corruption spilled into it from the white man. Wasn't it enough, that my parents had their own problems only to be subjected to even more by the settlers?

I regret the day I died ten years ago. I only wish I was able to protect Little Owl from everything he had endured after my death. Thankfully, I was able to speak to him when he died three years ago. He has cheated death three times and know I learn we will speak again. I have always protected my brother. I love Little Owl more than Blue Lark and Hawk Song. How can I not? We share the same secret. 

While I loved being able to speak to him from the spirit world I do not look forward to our next encounter. I am told he has been bitten by a rattlesnake. The venom will kill him. The creator desires I expose the truth to him before his spirit is returned to his body. My heart aches to know he is suffering. He has always suffered because of who he is. But I want my brother to live a great life. I want him to become a strong war chief. I hope my desires for his success are not in vain. 

Long Arrow

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