Monday, August 8, 2016

#LTW: Back to school. Back to normal routines? #gifted #education

This can be one of the most stressful times of the year for gifted students and their parents. The Back to School season can be a terrifying experience for gifted students. Anxiety levels increase as they think about the different changes in their lives, will the teacher understand them and will their friends still be there for them. Their summer routines and rituals are disrupted as the school season begins. That can sometimes be hard enough to endure but what happens when the gifted student makes a transition from one school to another?

A simple transition can be an enormous jump for gifted students. What is a parent supposed to do to help their child succeed. Unlike their age peers, intellectually gifted students may need some additional support in order to make the transition simpler. Here are a few things a parents can do to make the experience going from summer to school season go smoother.

1) Find out when the first day of school. A month before the first day of school begin to slowly transition your child into a new routine. Have your child get up and go to bed the same time they would while they are in school.

2) Back to School Shopping. Take your child Back to School shopping with you. Show them the list of supplies their teacher has requested. Let them pick out the supplies and clothes. This gives your child ownership. They will be more than likely to use the items you bought for school if they have a vested interest in them.

3) Arrange a time with the principal for you to take your child to their new school (if they are making a transition). Have your student practice finding their room (s), locker, cafeteria and playground in the order of their school day routine. This practice allows the gifted student the opportunity to accept the new normal routine on the first day of school without have a mental breakdown. If possible, have the student meet their teachers before Meet the Teacher night or the first day of school.

4) Take it slow. Don't overwhelm your student. Take baby steps with them as he or she adjust to the new normal routine.

Back to school time doesn't have to be so stressful for the intellectually gifted student. What other methods do you know about that will help your intellectually gifted child succeed during this crazy period of their lives?

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