Thursday, June 8, 2017

Allison's History Corner: Field of Grace by Allison Bruning

Welcome to the Thursday edition of Allison's History Corner. The Allison's History Corner is presented on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Allison's History Corner is a blog series that discusses interesting historical facts that are related to a book I have written or are in the process of writing.

Last Tuesday, I introduced my readers to my new children's book, "Hoppy's Grave" which is in the formatting process. We will be discussing more about different legends, ghost tales and mysterious things that happen in Ohio every Tuesday. 

This week I would like to introduce you to the story I am currently writing, Field of Grace (New Beginnings: Book 1). This story takes place right after WWI in Marion County, Ohio. Guilt ridden, Ida McIntyre doesn't know how she can ever win her father's approval until Jeremiah Miller poisons her family. Determined to prove her worth, Ida sets out to find help only to face Jeremiah's wrath. Faced with life and death decisions that will challenge her strength and determination, what seems to be a simple deed turns into disaster until she realizes there is hope to save not only her family but her father's approval.

The Thursday edition of Allison's History Corner will explore WWI, the Spanish Flu, American Agriculture, Appalachian History, Ohio History and the Salvation Army. Join me next week as we begin our exploration. I can't wait to see all you next week. 

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