The Legacy


James didn't think much about his family's legacy in Marion, Ohio. A wild college student, all James wants to do is party hard on his twenty-first birthday. Never could he imagine how a trip with his father to a secluded farmer's field would drastically change the course of his life.




                                         Barnes and Nobles

The Lady of Wild Rose Pass


Legends tell of her suffering and determination to escape from her eternal imprisonment. Deep in the heart of the Big Bend Country of Texas lies the mysterious Wild Rose Pass. Dalton Hernandez knows better than to cross the dangerous pass under the full moon but he has no choice. An ROTC cadet at Sul Ross State University, his girlfriend has missed her curfew by more than a few hours. If he doesn't get her in her barracks by sunrise she'll be in big trouble with her sergeant. He just couldn't allow Tasha to get in anymore trouble. Against his better judgement, Dalton decides to face the unknown and ultimately risks their entire lives with the Lady of Wild Rose Pass. Will he and Tasha ever survive their encounter with the distraught and desperate spirit?

Reflections: Poems and Essays


The waters of time never lie. Wisdom drifts down through the ages for all who dare to listen. History teaches us through honesty. Are you bold enough to hear the truth? Reflections: Poems and Essays wraps you in the untold stories of the past. Sit next to the waters of time and listen to the wisdom of the past. What if John Wilkes Booth hadn't been killed at Garret's barn? Who are the Shawnee? Why did the Cherokee accuse Sequoyah of witchcraft? These stories and more await you within this inspiring book.

Who is the Real John Wilkes Booth?
John Wilkes Booth murdered Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre and was killed in Garrett's Barn, Virginia by Sergeant Boston Corbett. But what if the body wasn't John Wilkes Booth? Nate Orlowek believes the body in the barn that day may not have been John Wilkes Booth. So who was the man in the barn that day?

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